Za’atar Pizza Rounds

Once you taste this traditional Mediterranean pizza delight, you’ll crave the aroma and the lingering flavor of our Za’atar Finishing Salt. Great for breakfast, as a compliment to any meat dish or an accompaniment to a pick-me-up afternoon espresso (or Turkish coffee, if you are a Middle East aficionado). Serves 4-8.

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Heavenly Blue Beet Salad

Salinity™ Salts: Heavenly Blue Beet Salad Recipe

A refreshing blend of cucumber and beet with accents of spice provided by radish and red onion. After gently drizzling our Rogue's Heavenly Blue Cheese Finishing Salt mustard vinaigrette, plus an extra pinch or two (maybe even three) for additional flavor and color, you’ll be a true finishing salt convert. We’re certain of it. Serves 4.

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Vegetables in Parchment

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Salinity™ Salts: Vegetables in Parchment Recipe

This recipe is deceptively easy yet beautifully presented. After you’ve prepared it once, mix it up with a variety of vegetables and blend another of our flavor profiles with Rosemary-Garlic Finishing Salt or on its own. Use as a side dish or in a warm salad as a meal. Add tofu, hard-boiled eggs or chicken for additional protein. In all honesty, it’s another delicious vehicle for salt lovers. Makes 4 individual pouches.

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Black Bean Mango Medley

Salinity™ Salts: Black Bean Mango Medley Recipe

This hearty bean dish offers a palatal sweet and savory delight. Choose to blend our Black Garlic Finishing Salt with a little of our !Fire! Finishing Salt for an added kick. And it might seem crazy what we’re about to say…but if you’re a rule-breaker, like us, try just the mango, cilantro and orange zest with either finishing salt. We’re pretty sure you’ll be humming to the tune of “Happy.” Serves 8-10.

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Crème Fraîche Butternut Soup

Salinity™ Salts: Crème Fraîche Butternut Soup Recipe

This golden silky purée is simply divine. The perfect fare for any one of our flavor profiles. We recommend Oregon White TruffleBlack Garlic or Coconut-Lime Finishing Salt for a start, then provide a different salt choice to each of your guests for a truly personal palatal sensation and a good finish. Serves 8-10.

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Asparagus with Pancetta

Salinity™ Salts: Asparagus with Pancetta Recipe

Once you add our Morel-Chanterelle Finishing Salt to this simple asparagus recipe and experience the complexity of taste, you could just become a convert. In extreme cases, you might even consider becoming a vegetable farmer and, to a lesser degree, a vegetarian. At the very least, we’re certain you’ll become a finishing salt devotee. Serves 4-6.

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Pasta and Toasted Breadcrumbs


Salinity™ Salts: Pasta and Toasted Breadcrumbs Recipe

Our pasta recipe is versatile. You can either prepare this dish with a "less is more" approach or, the way we prefer, with generous amounts of hearty ingredients. And once you add our earthy Oregon Black Truffle Finishing Salt, each and every bite will be that much more enhanced. More is, after all, more. Serves 4.

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