5 Must-Try Flavors of Cabo San Lucas

Discover 5 essential ingredients and flavors we discovered on a recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. From smoky cocktails to indulgent sweet treats, you'll find a range of inspiration for every time of day here!

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BBQ Tips For Beginners

BBQ Grill and Smoker with a rack of Chicken Thighs
We’re definitely in the heat of summer and that means firing up the grill! If you are looking for some tools to show off your chops (as well as cook them) we found Arctic Monsoon to be a great resource. Whether you are a seasoned grill master or a beginner you’ll want to check out Artic Monsoon’s interview of the number one expert on grilling: his dad.

7 Tips For Grilling Success focuses on questions for the "beginner" but it offers a good review of the basic grilling tips that will make you rock star on the weekends!


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What moms really want for Mother’s Day.

What mom really wants for Mother's Day

More than 6,000 moms took an un-scientific survey on TODAY.com to reveal what moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day. Nearly 70 percent agree they'd prefer two extra hours of sleep over a piece of expensive jewelry.

Laurel Coppock, one of the comedic moms behind YouTube channel The Breakwomb, agrees.

“I would always like two extra hours of sleep,” said Coppock. “Fancy massage? No. Two extra hours of sleep, please. Gift from my husband? Yes, please, as long as it’s two extra hours of sleep. I would also love breakfast in bed, provided that I can sleep through it.”

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Presidents’ Day: These Are A Few of Their Favorite Meals

While you may not think favorably upon the man, you can’t fault him for his favorite food. In that spirit, we’ve rounded up 17 presidents and their most beloved foods, courtesy of The Food Timeline -- because what better time is there to take on a new cooking project while also brushing up on your trivia? Once you’ve finished binge-watching “House of Cards” and shoveling out your driveway, that is. Read on to find out what FDR fed British royalty (the nerve! the awesomeness!), what comfort food made Nixon weak in the knees, and how George Bush likes his brunch (it is exactly what you would expect).

3. Abraham Lincoln Alsatian Gingerbread 
“Once in a while my mother used to get some sorghum and ginger and make some gingerbread. It wasn’t often, and it was our biggest treat.” - Abraham Lincoln

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Gather All Ye Seasonings.

Custom Spice Organizers

Hopefully, your greatest gift this holiday was the magic of being surrounded by those you love and tradition you cherish, filling you with joy and delicious food. And may the New Year bring you good health, abundance and contemplation.

We all tend to make resolutions in the New Year, usually ones that change our lives for the better; better habits, better choices and bettering ourselves. At SALINITY, we decided to tackle cleaning and reorganizing our salt and spice supply. It may seem menial but we know having our “tools” neat and tidy provides a more inviting space to be creative, thereby motivating us to do more cooking. And because of the numerous infusions we make, that’s a big task. But we’re resolved!

In our effort to find the perfect solution, we discovered some great resources we’d like to share. We know some of you dedicate whole cupboards and drawers to house your spice stash. These suggestions apply to you, too.

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Inspired Gifts: Copper Mugs Gift Box

Lemon-Ginger Yuletide Moscow Mule

Lemon-Ginger Yuletide Moscow Mule Recipe

A burst of effervescent citrus flavor mixed with tangy, sweet ginger awakens the palate and adds a perfect punch to the traditional Moscow Mule.

▪ 1 half lime
▪ 2 ounces vodka
▪ 6 ounces ginger beer
▪ fresh mint
▪ add pomegranate seeds for color (optional)
▪ Lemon Ginger Finishing Salt

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We Asked, You Answered! Salinity Salts Customer Raves & Faves

The Rub On Traditional vs Unconventional This Holiday
We’ve heard from our salt fanatics on the best use of their favorite finishing salts. Offerings of both sweet and savory traditional standbys with an added finish are sure to liven your holiday table. So go ahead and feast on these unconventional traditions and give thanks!

Rosemary-Garlic Finishing Salt
“Before I was introduced to Rosemary-Garlic gourmet finishing salt I would use table salt and pepper to make my holiday russet roasted potatoes. When a friend of mine introduced me to Salinitys Finishing Salts, I decided to not only upgrade to red potatoes but also sprinkle them with Rosemary-Garlic. Just three simple ingredients: red potatoes, olive oil and Salinity’s Rosemary-Garlic. They typically disappear before dinner is over and my family complains that I dont make enough. So this holiday, I am prepared! I ordered three jars (and got a 7-oz. sel gris pouch for FREE).” ~ Jan W. (West Palm Beach, FL) 

Sri Lankan Curry Finishing Salt
“We’re just cuckoo for curry! We mash yams with coconut milk and butter and then finish with Salinity’s Sri Lankan Curry for a sweet and savory potato intervention. (I still make sure my dad has the expected russet mashed potatoes). Another of my popular holiday specialties are my Curry Pecan Pie Tarts sprinkled with Sri Lankan Curry Finishing Salt, which always begs the question by guests, ‘what’s IN this!’ I also love to Sri Lankan Curry on top of mashed cauliflower after putting into individual ramekins and browning slightly in the oven. YUM!” ~ Laura E. (Williams, OR)

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Salty Fireworks for the 4th!

What better way to kick off summer than with friends, family, parades, great food and a fun and salty project for the kiddos? This one is super fun and easy and can likely be pulled off without an extra trip to the store. The best part?


We certainly don’t recommend busting out the Salinity Finishing Salts for this little gem. Save those for the neighborhood potluck. Now that you’re well versed on the differences between various salts, you probably have some extra table salt lying around. Use that instead. Your pocketbook and your dinner guests will thank you. These sweet little salt-burst fireworks will make great party decorations, place cards or fridge art. They do need to dry overnight, so best to tackle this one a day or two before your celebration.

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What’s Bad. What’s Good. What’s Best.


The rarest, and purest, salt of the earth. Sel gris hand harvested from the Salinity Ponds of Guérande, France.

We’ve all heard the generalized notion that salt is bad. We’ve been told to watch our sodium intake to avoid compromising our health. But if sodium is a necessary natural mineral, playing a vital role in a number of our body functions, how can it be all that bad? If it is an essential nutrient, how can we be sure we’re providing our bodies with the right kind of salt? And in the right amount?

Let’s take a look at the different types of salt, granule by granule, from worst to best:


Table Salt:

The most commonly used salt–and the one that gives all salt a bad name–is table salt, highly refined and processed into almost pure sodium chloride. Somehow, we’ve bought into the myth that the addition of iodine makes table salt safer. Iodine was first added to salt in the 1920s as part of a government initiative adopted to combat iodine deficiency stemming from a lack of mineral rich soil and iodine enriched foods available for consumption.

Commonly purchased iodized salts, available at super markets or sitting on the table of your favorite restaurant, have synthetic chemicals added to them. These chemicals include everything from manufactured forms of sodium solo-co-aluminate, iodide, sodium bicarbonate, fluoride, anti-caking agents, toxic amounts of potassium iodide and aluminium derivatives. It may come as a shock, but most table salt is not only unhealthy, but can sometimes be toxic.” (Dr. Edward Group DC, NP, DACBN, DCBCN, DABFM)

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