Our Fans

"We love having SALINITY as neighbors and co-entrepreneurs in the Applegate Valley." 

"They make a great product, which adds flavor and interest to any dish you can come up with, and they are great community members- committed to keeping our Valley as perfect as we can!

Our favorite SALINITY salts bounce back and forth between our professional and home kitchens, but we have to be careful, because our daughter has been known to just eat the salt by itself!

You really can't go wrong adding these salts to your culinary repertoire. The only hard thing is choosing your favorite!"

Gabrielle Rysul and Chad Hahn
Executive Chefs/Owners at Fulcrum Dining
13110 Williams Highway, Grants Pass, Oregon 97527


"Salinity finishing salts are no stranger in my kitchen." 

"I use them regularly in specials and garnishing. Their quality ingredients paired with sustainable harvesting practices make them a product I am proud to serve in my restaurant. I can recommend Salinity salts to anyone from the home cook to the professional chef looking to add a gourmet flare to their dish.

Gabriel S Murphy
Executive Chef/Owner at Gogi’s Restaurant
1718 99th St. E, Tacoma, Washington 98445


"I just wanted to say again how exciting it was the day you ladies came into the restaurant," 

"...and showed us your amazing product. We have definitely been using your salts on several dishes and with our new menu rolling out Monday, there will be even more dishes to use your products on. Our food is dang tasty when we finish a plate but is definitely taken to a whole other level when we use the finishing salt on. Absolutely amazing!! Thank you so much for popping in that day and I am ready to place another order immediately."

Jason Blessum
Executive Chef at Bar Bistro
1718 99th St. E, Tacoma, Washington 98445


"SALINITY Finishing Salts are an amazing addition to any food."

"And a real treat for those who get to experience it. I would recommend these salts to commercial kitchen cooks/chefs and to beginners alike! For Chef’s these salts can bring your dish to the next level, and for beginners they can make the simplest dishes POP!"

Kristin M Johnson
Executive Chef MOJAVE at Desert Wind Winery
2258 Wine Country Road, Prosser, Washington 99350


"I have a Salinity tasting setup at my bistro" 

"...and love bringing it to the tables to share with and impress my guests. After a brief introduction and dropping an information sheet, my guests are able to pick and choose their flavor and let their inner chefs creativity fly. Smiles and yums and oohs are the norm. I specialize in flavored cheesecakes from a local kitchen and love to see people's reaction to Salinity with these desserts. It truly brings a whole new reveal of flavor and possibilities to the tongue. As I am writing this now, my bookkeeper and baker messages me about making caramels and which Salinity salts I have. Apparently, now I am selling them with Salinity salts in their ingredient list.

The true versatility of these salts is one of the aspects that I, as a Chef/owner, am most impressed with. Any of your menus can have them involved! Cocktails, as rim salt, savory apps and entrees get just the right amount to season and finish flavor profiles. In baking, the salts add that love we get when just a little salt is needed to open the tongue up. If you are just using it to make your food better or are interested in selling them yourselves their unique and stunning product line will be as fun to sell as they are to taste and use. The sturdy jars are airtight and easily usable and can be used for storing herbs and spices after the salt is gone."

Paul Becking
Executive Chef/Owner, “C” Street Bistro
230 E. C St. Jacksonville, Oregon 97530