From The Founders

Founders and friends, Jody and Laine.

It could’ve been because they spent their summers collecting rocks from the Oregon coast or because they went to bed with saltwater-soaked hair. It may have been because they believed the ocean was where unicorns really came from.

Whatever the reason, Jody and Laine love salt. And they’ve searched the world over for the very best salt. It happens to be grey and moist and comes from a French village along the Atlantic Ocean, called

Guérande, where it’s hand-harvested from nutrient and mineral rich clay soil in a process called “winning,” from a pond called Salinity. Naturally.

In 2010, what began as a gift to loved ones became a journey of sel and soul. Jody Van Buskirk started with a small herb garden, blending her first sel extraordinaire: sun-dried tomato. When BFF (best female friend) Laine Alexander returned to Southern Oregon, they called in the unicorn and began working their magic. Now, Salinity™ Salts’ first three blends, Rosemary-Garlic, Chipotle and Hot (now !Fire!), grew to twenty in just four years.

To make the very best salt they can from the very depths of their soul, Salinity™ Salts

founders, Jody and Laine, involved an infusion of family: their husbands, children, cousins, and even in-laws. All part of a collective journey on a farm in Southern Oregon. Salt of the earth, you might say.

And all towards one end: finishing salts.