From The Soul

Our Collective Journey

Sel de Soleil and de Soul
(salt of the sun and of the soul)

It could’ve been because they spent their summers collecting rocks from the Oregon coast or because they went to bed with saltwater-soaked hair. It may have been because they believed the ocean was where unicorns really came from.

Whatever the reason, they love salt. And they’ve searched the world over for the very best salt. It happens to be grey and moist and comes from a French village along the Atlantic Ocean, called Guérande, where it’s hand-harvested from nutrient and mineral rich clay soil in a process called “winning,” from a pond called Salinity. Naturally.

In 2010, what began as a gift to loved ones became a journey of sel and soul. Jody Van Buskirk started with a small herb garden, blending her first sel extraordinaire: sun-dried tomato. When BFF (best female friend) Laine Alexander returned to Southern Oregon, they called in the unicorn and began working their magic. Now, Salinity™ Salts’ first three blends, Rosemary-Garlic, Chipotle and Hot (now !Fire!), have grown to twenty in just four years.

Since 2012, to make the very best salt they can from the very depths of their soul, Salinity™ Salts involves an infusion of family: Jody and Laine, their husbands, children, cousins, and even in-laws. All part of a collective journey on a farm in Southern Oregon. All a part of nature. Salt of the earth, you might say.

And all towards one end: finishing salts.

Sel Gris = Salt of Life
Good taste. Good salt.

One of the rarest salts in the world, sel gris is a 100% naturally pure organic sea salt, unrefined, unwashed and totally additive-free. And due to its lowest sodium content and varied mineral composition, it is considered by scientists to be a “good” salt.

Guérande’s sel gris offers 92 essential minerals and nutrients from calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, manganese and zinc, to a host of trace minerals whose absorption into the bloodstream is aided naturally by sodium. With 100 minerals in every 100 grams, it’s the healthiest salt of the Earth, literally.

We human beings have an essential physiological need for the taste sensation of salt; as we do for sweet, acidic, and bitter taste sensations. And because Salinity™ uses nature’s own highest quality sea salt, they guarantee their finishing salts will only enhance the flavor of your food—and all of the taste sensations you crave—while preserving its original taste.

So as in everything: moderation. Used in reasonable quantities, salt adds taste and pleasure. Most salts deliver just salty. You’ll actually need less of Salinity™ Finishing Salts because they’ve blended only the finest ingredients to provide a richer and more complex flavor than simply salty. Salinity™ Finishing Salts invite a complete tasting experience, touching every palate point from the first bite right down to the finish. (Forgive the pun.)

Join Jody and Laine. Add a little Salinity™ Salt to your life!