From The Soil

Sustainable Farming

Organic, Pure & Locally Grown

Buy Local, Buy Rogue LogoWe believe our choice in ingredients should be as discerning as yours is in flavor. That’s why Salinity™ is committed to not only sourcing all of our herbs and spices from local growers, but also from sustainable farms all over the country that are supported by their local communities.

Sustainable agriculture is something we believe in as much as salt. That’s why we take care to choose organically grown produce, wild-crafted or kosher whenever possible, to ensure optimal quality and flavor.


Our Sustaining Family of Farmers

Oshala Farm
Source of Salinity’s™ organic lavender, rosemary, onion, dill, garlic, and peppers

Established as recently as 2013, Oshala Farm is family owned and operated by Jeff and Elise Higley. “Jeff’s passion for farming, background in organic vegetable and fruit production, and Elise’s passion for Western Herbalism all collided into a full-fledged herb farm in Southern Oregon’s lush Applegate Valley.” Together, they grow herbs for medicinal and culinary use. While the location is convenient (less than ¼ mile up the road from our Salinity™ farm), it is Elise and Jeff’s commitment to quality, consistency and caring, and local farming support that attracted us to Oshala Farm, plus the fact that they can supply us with the purest organic ingredients for almost all of our infusions: Chipotle, Dilly-O, !Fire!, Lavender Honey Bee, and Rosemary-Garlic Finishing Salt.

Green Wizard Gardens
Source of Salinity’s™ organic rosemary

A farm literally in our own backyard, Green Wizard Gardens backs up to our Salinity™ property. Run by Jody Van Buskirk’s in-laws, it is an extended family farm, providing organically grown rosemary for our Rosemary-Garlic Finishing Salt. While they are family, they still have to pass Salinity’s™ stringent standards.

Biker Dude Puna Organics
Source of Salinity’s™ organic ginger

Producers of certified organic clean ginger and turmeric seeds, a process that takes 5 years from “cell to seed,” we source Biker Dude’s fully-grown ginger root for our Lemon-Ginger Finishing Salt. Biker Dude is a bit more unorthodox-looking than your typical farmer (and we really like that) but he is a passionate and pure agriculturist, which aligns with our beliefs and our guarantee.