We Asked, You Answered! Salinity Salts Customer Raves & Faves

Finishing salts are a great way to add an extra layer of flavor to your dishes. But with so many different types and flavors of finishing salt available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

That's where our customers come in. We asked them to tell us about their favorite finishing salts, and the results were amazing. Read on to learn more about how our customers use Salinity to enhance the flavor of every dish.

Rosemary-Garlic Finishing Salt
“Before I was introduced to Rosemary-Garlic gourmet finishing salt I would use table salt and pepper to make my holiday russet roasted potatoes. When a friend of mine introduced me to Salinitys Finishing Salts, I decided to not only upgrade to red potatoes but also sprinkle them with Rosemary-Garlic. Just three simple ingredients: red potatoes, olive oil and Salinity’s Rosemary-Garlic. They typically disappear before dinner is over and my family complains that I dont make enough. So this holiday, I am prepared! I ordered three jars (and got a 7-oz. sel gris pouch for FREE).” ~ Jan W. (West Palm Beach, FL) 

Sri Lankan Curry Finishing Salt
“We’re just cuckoo for curry! We mash yams with coconut milk and butter and then finish with Salinity’s Sri Lankan Curry for a sweet and savory potato intervention. (I still make sure my dad has the expected russet mashed potatoes). Another of my popular holiday specialties are my Curry Pecan Pie Tarts sprinkled with Sri Lankan Curry Finishing Salt, which always begs the question by guests, ‘what’s IN this!’ I also love to Sri Lankan Curry on top of mashed cauliflower after putting into individual ramekins and browning slightly in the oven. YUM!” ~ Laura E. (Williams, OR)

Dilly-O Finishing Salt
I just love your Dilly-O Butter Log recipe! I rub, rub, rub it under the skin of the bird and all over the outside, to produce a yummy crisp skin and flavorful drippings for my stuffing and gravy. I always make sure to prepare extra for spreading on rolls, roasted veggies and, of course, mashed potatoes. ~ Lindsey L. (Grants Pass, OR)

Lemon-Ginger Finishing Salt
“I like to give the traditional Moscow Mule a little ‘kick’ during the holiday season by salting the rim with Lemon Ginger Salt. Or if it’s a real chilly night, I’ll simmer fresh cranberries with some orange zest and then add it to a glass of brandy. Goes all the way down to our toes. It’s my way of putting my signature on a festive classic.” ~ Jeska R. (Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Rogue’s Heavenly Blue Cheese Finishing Salt
“Love mixing shaved, raw Brussel Sprouts and pancetta or bacon with sunflower seeds, then toss this salad with olive oil, vinegar and Rogue’s Heavenly Blue Cheese Salt. Oh, and it’s the absolute best on mashed potatoes!” ~ Ethan H. (Walla Walla, WA)

Chai Spice Finishing Salt 
“Everyone asks me about my sautéed carrots: sauté carrots in olive oil until tender, toss with a little honey, then sprinkle with Salinity’s Chai Spice salt and “voila!” you’ve got a delicious side dish. And when I really want to break the rules, I add Chai Spice to whipped cream and serve on top of a slice of pumpkin pie and indulge (guilt free). ~ Jess E. Applegate, OR

Berbere Finishing Salt 
“Who doesn’t love deviled eggs as an appetizer? I add bacon, chives and then a sprinkle of Berbere Finishing Salt to my favorite recipe to dress it up! Whenever I have to bring a dish to share, I always bring my Berbere deviled eggs. They’re a sure hit, everytime!” ~ Amanda N. Whitefish, MT

Lavender Honey Bee Finishing Salt 
“OMG!! This salt is amazing on anything from rack of lamb and roasted beets to chocolate soufflé. And for the cheesecake lover’s of the world, sublime perfection!” ~ Corey M. Bend, OR

Oregon Black Truffle Finishing Salt
“My favorite? Oregon Black Truffle on my mushroom gravy and green bean casserole. And on my poached eggs Sunday morning.” ~ Heidi Z. Eugene, OR


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