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Chai Spice Finishing Salt

  • A fragrant salt with hints of cardamom and pepper, it is a perfect accompaniment to any baked good as well as fresh sliced fruit.  Sinfully savory dishes might include finishing slow roasted pork shoulder or marinated flank steak. Use your imagination and achieve culinary nirvana. 

    2oz / 56g

    • If you are a retailer, mixologist, restaurateur, or winery interested in our finishing salts email us at Please include your industry in the subject line.
      In order to provide you with the purest finishing salts we believe in using only nature made ingredients. Our products are sourced from nature, and because nature is ever changing, they may vary accordingly.

  • WE CHOOSE GLASS. Glass is safe and healthy for the environment, while preserving the flavor and freshness of our loving labor. We completely believe in the magic of glass, forming through a process involving sand, fire and earth, making it 100% recyclable--forever! Made in the USA.

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